Innovations in plant-based protein alternatives: A seminar dedicated to Finnish ecosystem

Time: Wednesday, August 24th at 9:00-15:30
Place: Espoo, Tekniikantie 12, Technopolis Innopoli 1, Meeting room Leonardo
Free entry

Welcome to the Innovations in plant-based protein alternatives: A seminar dedicated to Finnish ecosystem

Increasing population, climate change and urbanisation are some of the global challenges, which are putting stress to the food system and risking the food security. Current livestock production can deliver only less than 20% of global world’s supply of calories with the cost of 15% of greenhouse gas emissions and 80% of global agricultural land (FAO statistics). Due to the limited agricultural resources (land, water, animal feed, fuel), the future demand cannot be satisfied by animal-based proteins without drastic adverse impacts on environment and humanity. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find new sustainable protein sources and new alternative foods to enable dietary shift.  

Finland has been one of the pioneers in protein transition and home for many successful protein innovations and start-ups. This alternative plant proteins seminar will present the findings from two large national projects EXPRO and Leg4Life funded by Business Finland and Academy of Finland but also several EIT Food funded projects (Valocake, PROVE, Taste2Meat, Legucomf, 3TexVegs+H). The seminar program will also include two interactive panel discussions focusing on plant-based protein alternative ingredients and foods space in Finland.

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09:00-11:45 Morning sessions:
Nordic plant protein ingredients
From ingredients to products – effect of processing  

09:00-09:15  Welcome and opening focusing on plant protein innovation and research in Finland
Nesli Sözer, VTT
09:15-09:30Plant protein innovation and research in EU
EIT food presents
09:30-09:45Compositional highlights of Nordic plant protein sources
Anna-Maija Lampi, University of Helsinki
9.45-10:00Nutritional benefits and challenges of Nordic plant-based protein sources
Anne-Maria Pajari, University of Helsinki
10.00-10.15Taste and flavour in Nordic plant-based protein sources
Mari Sandell, University of Helsinki
10:15-10:45Coffee break with posters
10:45-11:00Sustainable processing technologies for plant protein ingredients
Pekka Lehtinen, VTT
11:00-11:15Bioprocessing to improve applicability of plant based ingredients
Riikka Juvonen, VTT
11:15-11:45Panel discussion with the speakers
11:45–12:45Networking with lunch

12:45-15:30 Afternoon sessions:
Focus on product level (both meat & dairy)
Sensory/ Consumer attitudes towards plant proteins
Nutritional aspects of plant based foods

12:45-13:00Consumer landscape in plant-based alternatives
Kyösti Pennanen, University of Vaasa
13:00-13:15Plant and hybrid meat alternatives
Nesli Sözer, VTT
13:15-13:30Fermentation to overcome challenges in plant protein products
Rossana Coda, University of Helsinki
13:30-13:45In vivo digestibility of faba bean proteins
Suvi Itkonen, University of Helsinki
13:45-14:15Coffee break with posters
14:15-14:30Processing for nutrition: an overview on plant based alternative foods
Jenni Lappi, VTT
14:30-14:55Video recordings from Seedfood, Proferment, PAN Sweden Research Centre, GreenPlantFood
5-7 min video recordings
14:55-15:25Panel discussion with the speakers and how to move forward
Representatives from funding organizations
(Business Finland, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Academy of Finland, EIT Food)
15:25-15:30Closing of the workshop

Organizing team:
Nesli Sözer, Kaisu Honkapää and Pinja Pöri / VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Kati Katina, Anne-Maria Pajari and Marjukka Lamminen / University of Helsinki

Research projects organizing the workshop:
Globally competitive processing technologies for meat alternatives (EXPRO)
Legumes for Sustainable Food System and Healthy Life (Leg4Life)
EIT Food projects on plant protein topics

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